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Ohio Shared Parenting

Shared Parenting Schedule

What is Ohio Shared Parenting?

 Many people use the term “shared parenting” but do not fully understand what shared parenting means.  Some people use terms like joint custody and 50/50 parenting when talking about shared parenting.   Shared parenting means that both parents have the same legal standing with regard to custody of the child, they are both equally legal custodians of the child, there is equal decision making ability.

Ohio Shared Parenting and Parenting Time (or Visitation)

Shared parenting often means parents have equal parenting time, but it is not necessary nor required.  If one parent has a non-traditional work schedule, it may put them at a disadvantage for parenting time, but does not eliminate the ability to have a shared parenting arrangements.  Parenting time schedules can vary.   Shared parenting works best when parents are able to agree on a schedule and work together and be flexible with each other’s schedules and the child’s schedule.

Ohio Shared Parenting and Child Support

Contrary to popular belief, shared parenting does not mean no child support.   It is sometimes the case that the parents will agree there will be no exchange of child support and sometimes the court will order that there should be no child support, but that is not always the case.   Whether or not child support is exchanged in a shared parenting situation will depend upon the parenting time schedules and the income of the parents.

Equal parenting time schedules but significant differences in income will often result in payment of some child support by the parent who has as higher income.  The amount of child support may deviate from the statutory calculation based upon the equal parenting time.   Parents with equal incomes, but unequal parenting time will result in child support paid by the parent with less parenting time, likely this will be based on the statutory calculation unless there is some other reason for a deviation.

It is also important to deal with other child related expenses in a shared parenting plan – out of pocket medical expenses, school fees, extracurricular activities, ect.

Contact a Cincinnati Child Custody Attorney

A thorough shared parenting plan anticipating as many possible parenting issues is imperative to avoid future problems which could lead to further litigation.   The best shared parenting plans are those negotiated and agreed upon by parents able to work together for the best interest of their child.  Shared parenting is the not the best option for everyone.  Contact an experienced child custody attorney if you need assistance in negotiating a thorough shared parenting plan or deciding which options are best for you situation.


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