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The practice of family law involves many aspects of family court and family law attorney, Stephenie Lape, is equipped to handle all of these matters.

How Family Law Works

All matters related to the division of property, spousal support, child custody, and child support when married couples separate are handled by the Courts of Domestic Relations in Ohio.

Matters of child custody, fathers rights, mothers rights and child support when unmarried couples separate are handled by Juvenile Courts in Ohio. Juvenile Courts also handle matters such as grandparents rights and custody petitions by non parents.

Contact Stephenie Lape, an experienced family court lawyer, for help with family law matters in Warren County Domestic Relations Court, Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court, Clermont County Domestic Relations Court.


Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution brings your marriage to an end legally the same as divorce. However, dissolution provides you with more control over the process, protects your family’s privacy and provides an amicable and less costly resolution.

The challenge with dissolution is that both parties must agree on all matters, including the division of property, spousal support, child custody, shared parenting, parenting time, and child support. Because dissolution is usually amicable, it tends to be an option that takes less of a toll on the family involved–especially children.

Dissolution is not the right option for everyone. Family law attorney Stephenie Lape can assist you in learning if dissolution or divorce is best for you and your family.

Child Custody Laws

Where your child custody matter will be decided depends upon your marital status. Married parents will handle matters of child custody in the Court of Domestic Relations upon divorce or dissolution of marriage.

When an unmarried couple with children ends their relationship, all matters related to parents rights, custodial parents rights, mothers custody rights, fathers custody rights, and child support will be decided by Juvenile Court. Matters of child custody, visitation, and parenting time will be determined by looking at the best interest of the children. Child custody is one issue that is often modified in post decree matters.

Child custody can be an extremely emotional challenge for clients and their families. Attorney Stephenie Lape is experienced in handling the sensitive issues surrounding child custody in both Domestic Relations Court and Juvenile Court. She can provide you with the professional representation you and your family deserve in such trying times.

Child Support Attorney

Whether you are getting divorced or are an unmarried couple, if children are involved child, support will be an issue. Child support is determined by Ohio’s Child Support Guidelines using the income of both mother and father. In certain situations, it is possible to deviate from these guidelines. Many issues may arise when determining child support including income calculation and imputing income to an underemployed parent or spouse. Stephenie Lape can help you with all of your Hamilton County Child Support, Warren County Child Support, or Clermont County Child Support needs.

Post-Decree Modifications and Contempt

After a divorce, dissolution, or juvenile court renders a child custody determination, there may come a time when circumstances change or issues arise, causing the need for modification.   These issues typically emerge in relation to child custody, visitation, parenting time, and child support.

Perhaps there is a change in income for a parent, a relocation, or substance abuse issue that arises. The good news is, there are procedures in place for modification when a modification is warranted.

There are also procedures in place to provide remedies and attorneys fees when one party fails to comply with the court’s order. This is contempt, and when a court finds one party in contempt, the court can order that party to remedy the contempt and order attorneys fees for the damaged party.

Cincinnati family law attorney Stephenie Lape is experienced in the filing, arguing, negotiating, and litigating of post-decree modifications and all related matters. Attorney Stephenie Lape can also handle any matters of post-decree contempt both pursuing contempt and defending contempt allegations.

Civil Protections Orders

Civil protections orders often accompany the break of a relationship, regardless if the parties were married. Sometimes these arise due to false allegations and should be defended against. At other times, protection orders are necessary and warranted to protect one party from harm.   Attorney Stephenie Lape can defend you against a civil protection order or help you file one to protect yourself and your children.

Domestic Relations Appeals and Juvenile Court Appeals

Trial court judges do not always make the correct legal decisions and this is why our legal system provides us with appellate courts. When you do not agree with the decision made by Domestic Relations Court or a Juvenile Court judge, you have the right to appeal to an Ohio Court of Appeals.

Attorney Stephenie Lape can file, brief, and argue your Hamilton County Domestic Relations Appeal, Clermont County Domestic Relations Appeal, Warren County Domestic Relations Appeal, Hamilton County Juvenile Court Appeal, Clermont County Juvenile Court Appeal, or Warren County Juvenile Court Appeal.

Other Family Law Matters

Family law Attorney Stephenie Lape can help you with other family law related matters, including but not limited to Petition for Name Change, Notice of Intent to Relocate, adoption, and guardianship. Contact Stephenie Lape today.

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